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Pilot Source Study

NEW - Pilot Source Study 2015 - Article 1 Published!

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In January 2015, members at the “Pilot Supply Summit” requested the Pilot Source Study (PSS) team (2010 and 2012) to conduct a new study to answer the question, “What is the effect of PL 111216 and the FOQ Rule on pilot hiring and pilot training in US regional airlines?” PSS 2015 was an independent, unfunded research project. Travel expenses for the Data Collection Team were covered by un-endorsed donations to a separate fund administered by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). To maintain objectivity, the PSS fund did not request or accept any donations from AABI, RAA, or any regional airline.  Go to EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and TOWN HALL PRESENTATION to view the results of PSS 2015. Three articles covering PSS 2015 will be submitted to a peer-review journal for publication.